On our recent return flight from Melbourne to London, we had the opportunity to relax in the Qantas lounge before the flight. Without a doubt, this is the place to unwind before a long distance flight out of Melbourne.

For a start, the Qantas Lounge offers an extremely chilled-out vibe. Airports are generally crowded and stressful, and this lounge offers a sanctuary away from all that. The lounge is spacious and there is an abundance of very comfortable seating. Buffet food is provided and waiters also hover around with assortments fresh from the kitchen. There is a great selection of complimentary alcoholic drinks. The lounge provides free wifi as well as a bank of iMacs. They also provide phones to make local calls. There are showers and very spacious toilets – ideal if you want to freshen up before a long flight. And finally, the staff let you know exactly when your plane is boarding, so you can head to the gate at exactly the right time.

You find yourself getting so comfortable in the lounge that you don’t want to leave! We definitely could have spent a few more hours in there. It really was the perfect place to unwind before a long flight. So the important question is – how does one gain access to Qantas lounges?

There are several options, assuming you don’t have elite status with a Oneworld airline.

One option would be to purchase a membership. However with an initial fee of AUD $855 and a yearly fee of $485 this is not a cheap option and would only be worthwhile if you flew with Qantas frequently.

Another option is to sign up for a credit card that offers Qantas lounge passes. One such card is the HSBC Platinum Qantas Credit Card. This card provides two complimentary lounge passes every year as well as frequent flyer points for spending on the card. With an annual fee of $199, this card could certainly be a worthwhile option for someone who spends regularly on their credit card and only requires access to the lounge a couple of times per year.

It could also be worth looking on eBay for unwanted lounge passes.

In summary, Roll Like Boss strongly recommends the Melbourne Qantas lounge. Obtain a lounge pass and enjoy the last few hours before your flight in style.


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