Today we introduce you to L-Cysteine, a new secret weapon to the arsenal of the party / road warrior, to help you combat the worst effects of hangovers and jet lag. Get away from your standard coffee and painkiller routine and turn towards a more natural remedy, a long-ignored amino acid: L-Cysteine.
Cysteine is rapidly building a following as new research suggests it has significant antioxidant properties and assists in the body’s detoxification process, shielding the body from the damaging effects of pollution, alcohol, smoke, and heavy metals. Although it is produced by the human body, it can also be found in protein-packed foods, such as chicken, eggs, fish, pork, milk, yogurt, nuts, etc. Supplements can enhance the amount of cysteine circulating in the bloodstream and boost the detoxification process.After hearing the growing buzz about Cysteine in the fitness and travel communities, The Roll Like Boss team gave it a trial run on a full throttle night out, taking one 500mg capsule prior to drinking (with food) and one capsule before crashing out, to see if it would prevent a hangover.

The results? It certainly helps. While you don’t wake up and feel like a million bucks, it more than dulls the worst effects of a hangover, in our estimation by 50-60 percent. The most accurate description is while you may still wake up heavy-headed and groggy after a full night out, the harshest effects of your standard hangover simply aren’t present. No throbbing headache, no cramped muscles, etc. In other words, Cysteine blunts a hangover’s sharpest edges.
(Note: For the dead-serious hangover fighters, you can even take additional capsules while consuming alcohol, though it is not recommended you consume more than 4 capsules in one evening.)
As noted above, Cysteine can also assist in combating jet lag. As is the case with the consumption of alcohol, a long-haul, overseas flight exposes your body (especially your respiratory system) to all sorts of ugly toxins. While sparing the well-known disgusting details, breathing recycled air shared with other passengers for 7-plus hours in a metal tube is not the healthiest environment. Take one Cysteine capsule before and after the flight, preferably with food to assist in absorption.
As amino acids are priced, Cysteine clocks in slightly on the steep side, and generally runs around $10-12 for a bottle of 100 capsules (500mg). It is readily available at any major nutrition/health shop or website.
In our estimation it is worth the price, and we view it as an essential tool in the arsenal of any frequent traveler or nightlife warrior. Next time, ditch the post-bar slice of pizza. Grab a bottle of Gatorade and take one Cysteine capsule instead. Your body will thank you in the morning, whether it’s in your bed or on the runway.

Always consult a health professional before taking nutritional supplements.


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