People often ask  “Are the parties on The Yacht Week (TYW) like the YouTube videos?”
The simple answer is –  “YES!”
Without doubt, The Yacht Week is an epic week of sailing and hardcore partying.
But what the video doesn’t show is what goes on behind the scenes: the hangovers, the lack of sleep, the injuries and the sunburn.
With Yacht Week only weeks away, we want to make sure you are prepared for the week and can fully enjoy one of the most amazing weeks of your life.
As experienced Yacht Weekers, we’ve put together the guide below to ensure you survive the week at sea.
Let’s take a look at a standard day on TYW:


Sail / Drink / Sleep / Repeat
Your yacht will usually sail for around five hours per day, and the route does not have to follow the map. Speak to your skipper, and see if he has any favourite locations he can take you to. Drinking is generally a large part of the TYW and it’s standard procedure to enjoy a few casual drinks on the boat throughout the day with your crew.
You will reach your destination at around 5pm each day and when you dock in a harbour, this is your opportunity to shower, freshen up and prepare yourself for the long night ahead.
The crew chooses the location to eat, and your skipper will generally have some insight about the island and its best kept secrets. Dinner usually consists of freshly prepared Mediterranean cuisine and it’s important to make sure you get a healthy meal in to prepare your body for the night ahead.

The Yacht Week organise exclusive parties every night and by 10-11pm, it’s time to get the party started (if you haven’t already). TYW parties offer a great variety of spirits commencing at around 100 euros per bottle. Split between two or three friends, this is an economical way to party and saves you going to the bar every ten minutes!

Fast forward eight hours, and you’ll be starting to tire. You’ll have been awake for around 18 hours now and your body will be crying out for some sleep.
After a hardcore night of drinking and dancing, all you’ll want to do is crawl into a comfortable bed and sleep for the next 12 hours. The moment your head hits the pillow, you’ll be out. The beds on the yachts are generally comfortable (although smaller than a standard double bed), and offer enough space to relax. However by 8am, the heat of the morning sun, combined with your crew’s snoring and a mix of Jagermeister and Red Bull running through your veins mean it will be difficult to get more than a few hours of quality rest.
By day three, the drinking and the lack of sleep will be starting to catch up on you. You’ll be exhausted, and it will seem like you are in a state of semi-permanent drunkenness. You drink to relieve the hangover, and this snow-balls the impact of the hangover the next day. However the amazing energy of the The Yacht Week will give you that shot of adrenaline to keep you going.
By day seven, you’ll be absolutely shattered. The Yacht Week is over, and it will most likely have been one of most amazing weeks of your life. You’ll arrive at your final destination, check into a hostel or hotel, and crash. You’ll be asleep immediately, and will probably sleep for the next 15 hours.
Essentials to Pack
The items below are a must for every Yacht Weeker.
Paracetamol / Ibuprofen – A paracetamol or ibuprofen in the morning with plenty of fresh water, and a refreshing dip in the sea will go a long way towards easing the pain from the consumption of one too many bottles of Grey Goose the night before. Although easy to purchase on the islands, we recommend having spare tablets in your bag to ease those monster hangovers.
Sun Cream & Aloe Vera After Sun – With long days under the Mediterranean sun, it’s important to protect your skin with a decent sun cream, and an after-sun cream or gel will also ensure your skin stays in top shape. The sun’s rays are reflected off the water – taking it’s toll on your skin, so make sure you are prepared. Most destinations on the voyage will stock this if you run out.
Sunglasses & a neck-strap – Losing a brand new pair of Italian shades in the ocean is never good. The best way to keep your sunnies close and attached to your body is with a simple sunglasses strap that attaches the arm of the glasses to a shoe-lace like chord which goes around your neck. Sure, it looks a little goofy – yet at sea, it is a vital piece of equipment that will ensure you don’t lose your favourite sunglasses.
Waterproof camera – The sea and liquor are not a good combination when it comes to the safety of your iPhone or camera. There are so many opportunities throughout the week to destroy a normal camera, so we recommend a camera with a hard water-proof casing. If you have one of these, it doesn’t matter if it is drops into the sea or gets soaked during a champagne shower. Your photos will survive the trip. If you really want to boss it up and take some action shots – we suggest taking a look at a GoPro Hero 4 with waterproof casing. These can be purchased for around £250 and will ensure that your memories of the trip are captured forever.
Waterproof Iphone Case – Similarly, a waterproof case for your iPhone may be a good investment. Check out this waterproof case by ECO-FUSED.
Shoes – Although flip flops are an essential, a pair of boat shoes are also a great idea to protect your feet from the all the dangers that come with a week at sea. When you mix a yacht with alcohol and hangovers, it is inevitable that you will stub your feet on something. A light pair of shoes or slip-ons will do the job. We suggest a pair of Sperry’s or Tom’s which are both perfect for dressing up or dressing down.
Costumes, flags and water pistols – The yacht week is all about having fun and letting your hair down, and what better way to do this than by dressing up to a theme? The Yacht Week organise a day which sees all the yachts square off against each other in a fierce battle to the finish, and a theme for your yacht is a must on this trip back to the final destination. Given that kind of team spirit, why not organise a theme or a costume for your team for the whole week? This doesn’t have to be expensive or over the top, but can be as simple as matching sailor hats, t-shirts or matching board-shorts. Flags can also be a great way to add some colour to the mast.
Travel Insurance and a spare credit card. Hopefully you won’t need either, but always be prepared for the worst.
What you likely do not need:
Speakers – most yachts have in-built speakers so this may not be necessary. Check the specs of your yacht on the Yacht Week website.
Portable fridges – all yachts have fridges and ice boxes for storage of food, alcohol and water.
First aid kit – Your yacht will have a first aid kit, so it’s probably not necessary to pack a full kit yourself.

Follow the guidelines above and you’ll make the most of The Yacht Week. Just make sure you leave the Speedos at home.




  1. How hilarious would it be if Yacht Week released a blooper reel of hangovers/sunburn/injuries.
    Thanks for a great overview of what to expect. Week 29 ULTRA baby!

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