When you first move to London as a young professional, looking to work hard and play hard, finding good accommodation can be one of your greatest challenges.
Naturally, you want a boss pad. However, paying upwards of £1500 per month in rent, plus bills, for your own apartment is not ideal.
And the thought of searching for housemates and splitting bills doesn’t sound great either. So what’s the solution?
Let us introduce Capital Living.
Founded in 2010, Capital Living provide top class share accommodation in areas all around the capital. Aimed at young professionals who want to maximise their time in London, Capital Living rent premium properties in affluent areas of London and then rent out the rooms on an individual basis to their members.
Founder Adam Goff explained to RLB that Capital Living essentially solves two problems.
First, he’s able to provide owners of high value properties with a solid income stream on their properties. As the houses are generally worth over £1.5 million each, getting a reasonable rental yield on a property of that value can be difficult.
Second, he’s able to provide young professionals with fantastic accommodation, as well as instant access to a social network of like-minded Londoners.
And the best part – all tenants need to do is pay one monthly bill. Everything else is taken care of for you – from paying the bills and council tax to a weekly cleaner and ordering of house essentials. By taking care of all the administration associated with living in a share-house, he provides members with hassle free living so they can make the most of their time in London.
It’s a win-win scenario for all parties involved.
Starting out with just one property in Fulham, the business has grown to now have around 25 properties on the books.
While every house and bedroom is unique, with Capital Living you can be assured you’re getting quality accommodation.
Each home is beautifully designed with an emphasis on a clean, modern look, complete with new furniture and housewares. The kitchens and communal areas are at the heart of each house and are all equipped with 50” plasma TVs and Sky+ HD. Each bedroom is designed to be an urban retreat where you can relax and unwind after a long day at work.
The Roll Like Boss team have toured several Capital Living properties and they are certainly impressive. One bedroom even resembled a Vegas hotel suite!
Instant Social Network

Aside from living in fantastic accommodation where everything is taken care of for you, the other main benefit of Capital Living is the instant access to a social network of like-minded young professionals. All members of the Capital Living community are aged 22-39 and are in full-time employment. Socialising with your housemates is a great way to discover the bars and clubs in the areas around you. Furthermore, Capital Living regularly organise social events where you can meet members from other properties  – ideal for people who have just moved to London.

When you join Capital Living, you’re not just taking a room, you’re becoming part of a community.

Capital Living London Application Process
The application process for a Capital Living room is straightforward.
Their website is extremely easy to navigate and it’s simply a matter of deciding where you would like to live, browsing through the properties and rooms available and selecting a room.
From there, you can arrange a room viewing / interview.

Capital Living will then perform the required background checks to ensure you meet their criteria.

The minimum lease is 6 months and you simply pay one monthly bill and a deposit.
It’s as simple as that – a high quality, low hassle, living solution.
So if you’re looking for top-of-the-range share accommodation in London and don’t want to fork out for your own apartment, check out Capital Living to live the boss lifestyle with other like minded housemates.

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