There are many ways to get around a city.
You could hail a regular cab, order a private cab or take public transport.
Or, if you’re looking to roll in style, you could travel with Uber.
What is Uber?
A Roll Like Boss favourite, Uber is a location-based smartphone app which enables users to order a “private car” to their current destination in under 15 minutes.
Founded in 2010 in San Francisco, Uber has been popular in the USA for several years now. In cities like San Fran, it has proved an extremely effective way to get around. After its success in the USA, Uber are now rolling out the app on a wider scale and are operating in cities such as London, Paris, Sydney and Melbourne.
Uber’s goal is simple. They want you to arrive safely, simply and efficiently at your destination. But they also want you to arrive in style. In the words of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, they want you to ‘feel like a baller’ every time you take a ride.
So how is Uber different to other taxi apps / experiences?
The big differential is that Uber provide a ‘premium’ experience. You’re not looking at a ride in some beaten up old Hyundai.
In Europe you’ll get either a Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7-Series, Jaguar XF or an Audi A8.
In the US you’ll get ‘luxury sedans’ and ‘black cars’. For groups larger than 4, you have the option to choose an UberSUV, which can accommodate up to six people. (The SUV option is not available in Europe.)
Each car is kitted out with a host of amenities available in your typical limousine such as complimentary bottled water, sweets, TVs, wi-fi, magazines and phone chargers. No free Grey Goose just yet, sorry.
Furthermore, Uber pride themselves on their customer service levels. The drivers will call you to confirm the journey, text you upon arrival and even open the car doors for you.
In short, your journey is transformed from an average taxi ride into a luxurious experience.
Another great advantage of Uber is the slick user interface. The app is amazingly straightforward. Not only can you order a car within seconds, but at the end of the ride, the payment is made through your credit card linked to the app. There’s no need to worry about having cash in your pocket or tipping your driver –  it’s all taken care of.
In terms of pricing, Uber fares vary by city. In London, Uber works out to cost slightly more than a black cab. Uber don’t use meters and you simply receive an invoice at the end of the journey.
Is it worth paying the premium to travel with Uber? In our mind – absolutely. Not only will it save you the hassle of hailing a cab in crowded areas and needing to have cash on you, but you’ll also enjoy a premium ride so you’ll arrive at your destination refreshed. The user experience is far superior to that of an average taxi ride.
One reason Uber has rapidly gained popularity is the simplicity of the entire process. Download the app, register your details and credit card and you’ll be kicking back in a boss car within minutes! It’s all so easy. For those in the UK, if you use the promo code ROLLLIKEBOSS when signing up, Uber will credit your account with £20.

So next time you need a cab, don’t just settle for a regular cab. Download the Uber app, order a premium car and roll like boss. 


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