Ever thought about flying by private jet?

Imagine flying to a vacation destination with three of your friends and having a limo meet you upon landing, or taking your dream date on a private flight to another city for the weekend.
You’ve probably entertained the thought for a split second, before concluding that flying by private jet was way out of your budget and reserved for the rich and the famous.
Think again. The private jet industry is experiencing an overhaul.
If you know where to look, private jets can be extremely affordable and can actually be cheaper than flying with commercial airlines. In fact, if you’re willing to be flexible in terms of departures days and times, you can pick up seats on board a private jet for a little over 100 US dollars a piece.
Today we look at the private jet charter company JetSuite.
Formed in 2007 by aviation entrepreneur Alex Wilcox, former co-founder of JetBlue, JetSuite has a fleet of over a dozen four passenger Embraer Phenom 100s planes and operates out of 2000 airports in the USA.
JetSuite’s vision is to provide the freedom and exhilaration of private air travel to more people than ever before. They believe this is possible by exhibiting efficient operations, acute attention to detail, acclaimed customer service, and industry-leading safety practices.
To date, JetSuite has served over 38,000 passengers on over 27,000 flights, making it the fastest growing aviation company today.
JetSuite is not your typical private jet company.
Most private jet companies make you buy an expensive membership or a fraction of a plane before you can use their planes. On top of that, flight prices are often around $6000 per hour.
With JetSuite, there are no long term commitments or contracts. JetSuite does offer memberships which will bring your flight costs down, but these memberships are not compulsory.
There are several ways to book a JetSuite plane.
If you have very specific travel plans, planes can be hired by the hour, at a cost of around $3500 per hour. This is significantly cheaper than most other private jet companies.
However, the real bargains lie with the daily ‘Suite Deals’. Because clients often book one way flights, when JetSuite has an empty return leg, they will offer it as a low priced ‘Suite Deal.’ This is where you can pick up insanely low fares.
Each day JetSuite releases a number of Suite Deals on their website and Facebook page. These deals start as low as USD $536. That’s for the whole plane! Get three of your friends together quickly and that’s $134 each – incredible value to fly by private jet.
JetSuite has a fleet of over a dozen four passenger Embraer Phenom 100s planes. The Phenoms offer best in class performance, with speeds up to 450 miles per hour, an operating ceiling of 41,000 feet, an interior cabin that seats four comfortably, and the largest baggage compartment in its category.
They have also recently purchased a new fleet of JetSuite Edition Citation CJ3s. These planes offer speeds up to 480 miles per hour, an operating ceiling of 45,000 feet and an interior cabin that seats six with two aft-facing and four forward-facing leather seats (plus an additional 7th sideways facing seat).
You’ll have access to wifi on board all flights. While there’s no kitchen aboard the planes, there will be a selection of hot and cold drinks, alcoholic beverages and snacks.
One concern people often have with regard to private jets is how safe they are compared to commercial flights.
JetSuite has been awarded the ARG/US Platinum safety rating –  the highest safety rating achievable in civil aviation. The ARG/US audit verifies an air carrier is managed, organized, and run in a manner most conducive to safe operations.
Each JetSuite flight will always be operated by two captain-qualified pilots and JetSuite’s pilots are among the most experienced and well trained in the charter industry, averaging over 8,000 hours of flight time.
Benefits – More Time, Less Hassle
So, why should you fly by private jet? There are several reasons.
Apart from the fact you’ll be rolling like boss on your travels, another main benefit is the time you’ll save and the hassle you’ll avoid. Instead of having to go through standard airport security procedures, private jets generally use a FBO (Fixed Base Operator) – basically a small office for private aircraft. Since there is no cumbersome security line, the process of getting out of your car to boarding the plane can be shortened to mere minutes. Once you’re on board, the plane leaves. And if you have a car waiting at your destination, that car can meet your plane upon landing. No messing around with baggage claim – you step off the plane and you’re on your way.
Put together, eliminating all these roadblocks at the airport saves you a massive amount of time – your most precious commodity.
If you want to roll like boss next time you fly and are up for something different, take a look at JetSuite and keep an eye on their daily Suite Deals. Whether you’re looking to start a Vegas trip off in style, impress a date on a romantic getaway or just get to your destination in half the time, JetSuite is a truly amazing service.


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