Anyone who works out knows that to see consistent gains, it’s essential that you mix up your workouts. Do the same routine over and over again and you’re on a fast track to diminished results.

With that in mind, today we review a novel exercise routine that is guaranteed to shake up your workouts: TRX Suspension Training.

Designed by an ex Navy Seal, TRX has been dubbed the ‘most versatile piece of exercise equipment on the planet’. It consists of two super strong suspension cables that can hold up to 1400 pounds in weight and the concept is amazingly simple – you use the two suspension cables to partially suspend your body and use your own bodyweight as resistance.
You can work pretty much any muscle group with TRX. How hard you work depends on the positioning of your body in relation to the straps. Working out against gravity has a similar effect to working out with weights in terms of targeting a specific muscle group. However, TRX workouts offer one notable benefit over conventional weight training – improved core strength. This is because in suspension workouts, you are consistently engaging a whole range of muscles to stabilize your body during every exercise, and this all starts from your core. TRX training therefore provides an excellent, continuous workout for your abs without having to worry about a tired routine of situps and crunches.
Whether you’re looking to tone up and add definition, build power and strength, improve your balance and flexibility, or prevent injuries, there are TRX exercises that will help you achieve your goals. There really is no limit as to what you can do with TRX Suspension cables.
TRX was originally developed so that Navy Seals could train in small cramped spaces – i.e. in a submarine – but the beauty of TRX is that it allows you to work out anywhere, as long as you can find something to attach the straps to.Staying in a hotel with no gym? No problem – setup the TRX system on your hotel room door and you’re good to go.
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Having incorporated TRX into our workouts, we have found that, whilst it is unlikely to boost your muscle mass significantly and turn you into the incredible Hulk, it is a great system for toning muscles and improving core strength and balance. Position your body to make the exercises harder and you really do start to feel your muscles burning after a few reps. And another benefit is that you can work your whole body in less than 30 minutes.
Most good gyms will have at least one TRX system these days. For those interested in purchasing a set for personal use, TRX can be found on Amazon for around USD $200. This may sound expensive, but you’re paying for quality materials that won’t let you down and a brand you can trust. Alternatively, you can often find used sets on Ebay for much less than that.
Next time you hit the gym, don’t just do your standard workout again. Throw some TRX exercises into your workout and feel your muscles burn.


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