Today we look at a new lifestyle drink that is essentially the holy grail to party animals.
Imagine if you could go out and enjoy a few drinks / party like a rock-star, and rest assured that when you wake in the morning – you’ll feel fine.
No headache, no nausea, no hangover.
This is now a reality.
Let us introduce a recently launched hangover prevention drink – ‘Prefunc’.
Whilst in Vegas earlier in the year, we happened to meet the Prefunc team. They explained that they had developed a new drink which could completely eliminate hangovers. We were skeptical. There are plenty of hangover products on the market, and most are pretty ineffective.
However, we were willing to give Prefunc a shot. After all, it’s exactly the kind of product we look for at Roll Like Boss – a product that improves your lifestyle and gives you the edge.
What is Prefunc?

Prefunc is a two ounce shot-sized drink containing a ‘proprietary blend of fruits, herbs and spices’. That’s the short answer. Going into more detail, ingredients include: Green tea leaf, Indian gooseberry fruit, Licorice root, Phyllanthus amarus plant, Eclipta plant, Picrorhiza root, Fumitory plant, Long pepper fruit, Boerhavia root, Andrographis paniculata, Indian tinospora stem, Ginger Rhizome, White leadwort root, Asian ginseng root, Milk thistle seed and Taurine. Try explaining that to someone!

For maximum effectiveness, Prefunc is best taken as a shot, served chilled, at the start of your night. However, it can also be taken during the night out or even at the end of the night.
The taste is… interesting. Prefunc tastes similar to Jagermeister, with a slightly fruity twist. It won’t appeal to everyone, but if you happen to like Jagermeister then you probably won’t have any problems with Prefunc. And frankly, taste isn’t the main concern here.
So, the million dollar question:  Does Prefunc work? Does it prevent a hangover?
Prefunc Tested
Roll Like Boss tested it out over the course of a weekend to find out.
Our first Prefunc trial was a Thursday night. Given that Thursdays are the new Fridays and that we wanted to test the product under authentic conditions ie. work / commitments the next day, we thought this was a perfect opportunity to trial Prefunc. We downed the shot and hit the bar.
Our night involved several beers on an empty stomach early in the evening. This was followed by a quick meal with another beer. Then we consumed another 3-4 drinks over the course of the night. It was probably the kind of night out you might have if you were entertaining clients or catching up with friends mid-week. We wrapped up the drinking at around 1am, knowing we’d have to be up at 7am the next day and that we had deadlines to meet before the day was out.
Normally, after consuming this many beers, there’s every chance the next morning would have involved a headache and that general groggy feeling.
However, after taking Prefunc at the start of the night, we woke up with NO headache at all. Sure we were a little tired, but Prefunc removed pretty much all the typical hangover symptoms the next day and we were able to function normally and get things done.
Prefunc 1, Hangover 0.
It was a solid start for Prefunc, but to give the product a proper test, we decided that it was only fair to test the drink on a full throttle night out. You know the type of night – A lively Saturday night involving different types of drinks, jager bombs, shots etc – the kind of night that rapidly escalates out of control. We wouldn’t normally advocate drinking to excess, but as this was all in the name of research, we didn’t feel too guilty.
Once again we began the night with a chilled shot of Prefunc at around 8pm. We then enjoyed a few rounds of beers to ease into the night. Shortly after, someone decided it would be a good idea to bring out multiple rounds of jager bombs… The rest of the night was history. After crawling into bed at around 4am, we were slightly concerned at how we may feel the next morning.
We had nothing to worry about – Prefunc blasted the hangover out of the stadium.
No headache, no nausea. No need for painkillers or stomach settlers. Amazing!
Prefunc 2, Hangover 0.
Needless to say, we were impressed!
Prefunc is the real deal. Taken at the start of the night, it will prevent a hangover the next day. It’s a brilliant product and highly recommended by Roll Like Boss for anyone who wants to enjoy a few drinks and wake up feeling good and ready to function the next day.
Already launched in NYC, Miami and Vegas, Prefunc is currently launching in London.
It should soon be available to buy in bars and clubs, however in the meantime, for those looking to get their hands on this amazing hangover prevention drink, you can order it from their website here. For those in the USA, it’s also available on
At a cost of £5 (USD $7) per shot, Prefunc isn’t cheap. But it’s a small price to pay to wake up feeling refreshed the morning after a big night out. When you’re lying on the sofa with a monster hangover, telling yourself that you’ll never drink again, we’re willing to bet you’d pay £5 (ie. less than the price of a drink) to go back in time and prevent the hangover before it started.
Next time you’re geared up for a big night out, plan ahead. Start the night with a shot of Prefunc and enjoy the night, knowing that a hangover is a thing of the past.



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