We’re big fans of the Uber app here at RLB and earlier in the year we looked at how Uber is expanding and now working its magic in cities such as London and Paris.
In London, Uber offers two car options – Uber Lux and UberX.

Uber Lux – the premium option – is certainly a boss way to get around.  Riding in pimped out BMW 7 Series or Mercedes S Class cars sure beats catching black cabs or mini cabs, even if it does cost you slightly more.

However today we look at the cheaper UberX service that was launched in London back in July, and investigate the outstanding value this service offers.
What is UberX?
UberX is the budget version of Uber. Instead of a BMW 7 series arriving at your door, you’re more likely to ride in a BMW 3 Series or a Toyota Prius.
Obviously it’s not quite as boss, but UberX is still a fantastic service. You still receive all the same Uber benefits such as getting picked up from your door, not having to worry about having cash on you to pay for the ride, as well as the outstanding customer service. That’s all included. You just get a smaller car.
The minimum fare for UberX is £5 as opposed to £14 with Uber Lux.
Uber claim UberX to be 30% cheaper than a black cab. That sounded too good to be true so we recently put the service to the test in London.


UberX vs Uber Lux – how cheap is UberX?
UberX is remarkably cheap. While Uber claim their UberX service is around 30% cheaper than a black cab, we have found it to be even cheaper than that. Some rides work out to be around 50% of what a black cab would cost.
For example, a taxi from Clapham Junction to Piccadilly Circus would normally cost around £25-30 for a black cab and around £25 for a mini cab.
We took this route with UberX in a BMW 3 Series and the price came in at an astonishing £15.
Similarly, we took a ride from Chelsea to Balham on a Saturday night – a ride that in a black cab would cost around £20. Travelling UberX, the price was £10!
Without question, UberX is significantly cheaper than other forms of taxis.
And given that you still get all the great Uber benefits albeit in a smaller car, it is probably the best way to get around London on a night out, unless of course you want to splash out for a Uber Lux car and really roll in style.
For a £20 UBER London credit, enter the promotion code ROLLLIKEBOSS when you sign up.

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