We’re big fans of the Eurostar train here at Roll Like Boss.

The Eurostar is an extremely effective way to travel between London and Paris, with journey time at just over two hours. Its main benefit is the lack of hassle that’s associated with flying.

Let’s face it – unless you’re flying by private jet, airports are a frustrating, cumbersome experience. Journeys to and from the airport, long lines at check in and security, boarding and disembarking the aircraft all take their toll on your mental state and you often arrive at your destination exhausted.

The Eurostar strips most of this away. You can turn up at St. Pancras station half an hour before your train, scan your ticket, go through security and then board the train. Kick back and unwind, and two hours later you’ll step off in the heart of Paris.

Eurostar trains have several classes – Standard, Standard Premier and Business Premier.

Today we’re looking at the Standard Premier class and explaining how this class differs from regular Standard class. We’ll also break down whether it’s worth paying extra to upgrade from standard seats.

Standard Premier seats can cost anywhere between £5 and £30 more per journey leg than regular priced seats. That’s unless you can get the extremely discounted £34.50 sale price standard class seats in which case there will be a much larger difference in price between the two classes.


Eurostar Standard Premier Class Benefits

So what do you get for the extra money?

For a start, you get bigger seats. The Standard Premier seats aren’t enormous, but without doubt they are more comfortable than regular seats, especially if you’re planning to sleep during the ride.

Second, you’ll receive a meal and drinks. Don’t expect an ‘all you can eat’ type buffet – the meal is rather small as can be seen in the picture. You will be offered the choice of two meals as well as plenty of bread rolls to accompany the meal.

Alcohol is served complimentary with the meal – and you can choose between wine and beer. Lastly, you’ll be served tea or coffee after the meal.

The last benefit – and more of an intangible one – it’s likely you’ll be surrounded by a more ‘sophisticated’ crowd. (You’re more unlikely to be surrounded by a rowdy bachelorette party.) And you can’t put a price on your sanity, especially if you wish to work or sleep during the trip.

So, it is worth paying the extra Standard Premier seats?

Our advice is yes, especially if you can get them for £5 to £10 more than Standard Class in which case it’s an absolute bargain.

Obviously, if there are super discounted return tickets available for Standard class going for £70 and the Standard Premier class is going for £170, then you’ve got to look at that difference and ask yourself whether the £100 could be put to better use elsewhere – i.e. a nice bottle of champagne overlooking the Seine.

However, if Standard Premier class is only going cost you an additional £10-£40 over the return trip, it’s probably worth going for.

Next time you’re booking the Eurostar, don’t just automatically book Standard class tickets. Take a look at the pricing structure and if you can get a bargain on Standard Premier seats – go for it!

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  1. I travelled on Euro star Standard Premier on Tuesday 22nd December 2015 Paris London on 21-13 train. I was impressed with the new rolling stock the attention to detail in the carriages, what impressed me the most was the service provide by David and Jerome. They were very professional and attentive it was a very pleasant experience. I will be using the service more often when I travel between London-Paris.

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