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Location, location, location. Much like real estate, travelers often cite ‘best location’ as their most important criteria when choosing where to stay on vacation. People want to be close to their planned activities and make life as easy as possible. The same goes for Las Vegas.
By US standards, Vegas is more compact than other destinations that require a lot of driving to get around (think Los Angeles or Houston), or the Caribbean islands where you’ll hop from beach to beach. Still, the perfect hotel location can make all the difference on your Vegas trip.
Where should you stay? We recommend tailoring your location to your interests. What do you plan on doing? Vegas can be anything to anyone: World class shopping destination, host to a wide range of concerts and shows, renowned five star restaurants for culinary adventures, romantic hideaway. It’s all there.
Or…maybe you’re just there to party your ass off for five days. You can do it all. And we’re here to help.

For the Party Animals
If you’re in Vegas to party pure and simple, you’ll want to be in the thick of the action. In this case, your choice of resort comes down to 1) your daylife/nightlife plans and 2) how much partying you’ll be doing at your actual resort. The latter is important because at some locations, particularly MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, and possibly Venetian/Palazzo, it’s possible to get your daylife, nightlife, and a few hours rest without ever needing to step off the property. These resorts are essentially cities in their own right.
If you plan on taking in a wide range of bars/clubs for nightlife, or want to hit multiple pool parties throughout your stay, geography comes into play. You’ll want to stay in a centrally located resort on the Strip, that’s within short walking distance to other resorts / casinos and a drugstore for supplies and where you can get anywhere with a quick cab ride.
Roughly speaking, “central” means anywhere on the Strip between Harmon Ave at the south end and Spring Mountain Road on the north end.
RLB Best Bets:
For Central Location to Nightlife: Cosmopolitan, Venetian/Palazzo, Planet Hollywood
For Party Rocking on Premises: MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Wynn/Encore

If you’re in Las Vegas for binge-shopping, you’re in luck. Vegas is a shopper’s paradise, boasting a roll call of nearly every major global brand, from budget to the highest levels of luxury, along with outposts for rare brands with only a few stores in the world (think Maserati).
It’s also home to the world’s most expensive mall (in square footage) – Crystals at City Center – with enough luxury brands to keep you window shopping for days. If you’ve got the cash to spend, the sky’s the limit here. Crystals is conveniently located dead center of the Strip, in front of Aria across from Planet Hollywood.
Just across the street, you’ll find the Miracle Mile in Planet Hollywood, an enormous, 1.2 mile enclosed shopping mall with 170 stores and 15 restaurants.
Moving north, roughly between Treasure Island and Wynn/Encore, is Fashion Show Mall. Vegas’ oldest shopping destination is arguably its most impressive, tripling in size since opening. The mall boasts a staggering 250 stores and 7 major department stores – For international tourists, it’s American shopping at its biggest and best.
RLB Best Bets: 
For Shopping: Aria, Cosmopolitan, Planet Hollywood, Wynn/Encore

Restaurants, sightseeing, hotel quality, theatre, concerts – this is the umbrella that everything else falls under. If your trip calls for multiple stops at different resorts with an array of activities, which is often the case for first-time visitors, there is no “perfect choice” for your location.
You’ll just want a great resort on Strip that’s convenient, offers the full Vegas experience, and carries the RLB seal of approval.
An important word about off-strip resorts – namely Hard Rock and Palms. While we have no major gripes with either resort – they both offer nice rooms and strong dining and nightlife options on premises – we don’t rate them highly enough to warrant staying off-strip and requiring a long cab ride every time you want to leave.
We only recommend basing yourself at either one if you’re in a huge group (bachelor/bachelorette party, wedding party) and don’t plan on leaving the resort much. Both resorts do offer free shuttles to the Strip for hotel guests, but it’s still too much hassle to quickly get where you want to go.
RLB Best Bets:
For the All-Round Vegas Experience: Aria, Bellagio, Mirage, MGM Grand

As always, Vegas can be what you want it to be. But it’s even better without delays, lines and hassle. Dial in your trip to your preferences and you’ll have extra time to kick back and roll like boss while you’re in town.
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