Having the right travel apps on your smartphone can make a world of difference to your travel experience. Good travel apps make sure you’re always in control of the situation when you’re on the road – whether that’s knowing if your flight is delayed, being able to book accommodation at short notice or having the ability to hail a taxi from your phone in a foreign city.
With that in mind, today we focus on our top travel apps. These apps are guaranteed to make your life easier, so you can kick back and enjoy your travel. We’ve broken down our favourite apps into several categories:
Trip Organisation
Tripit is the must-have app for trip organisation. We’ve reviewed Tripit here before.
Once upon a time, you had to print out every hotel and flight confirmation and carry these with you. Not any more. Simply email every confirmation you receive to and the app will present all your travel information in one place – all in chronological order. Flight numbers, hotel addresses, booking reference numbers – it will all be there, available at the touch of a button.
It’s a brilliant app and one that makes life on the road so much easier.
Tripit is also available in a ‘Pro’ version for an annual subscription fee of $49. That might sound high for a travel app, but you do get a lot for your money, including:
– Real-time seat monitoring (this keeps you apprised of seat availability on your exact aircraft that match your desired criteria – extra leg room, window, aisle, over wing, etc.)
– Live itinerary updates with all flights fully integrated with Flight Track.
– An alternate flight finder that finds open seats on other flights in the event of a cancellation or delay – so there’s no need to queue up with the rest of the flight behind a lone ticketing agent to reschedule.
– Point Tracker – An impressive addition – this feature allows you to keep track of all your loyalty / rewards memberships, with current points balances and expiration dates.
Accommodation & Flights booking:
For booking accommodation and flights on the go, our favourite apps are:
Hipmunk (see right) is a great app for booking hotels and flights. The search function is so easy to use and the app brings up pricing options from various booking sites, so you can always get the best price.
Airbnb (see left) is the perfect app for those looking for a pimped out apartment or other unconventional accommodation. Want to stay in a 10 bedroom villa or on your own island? Have a look on Airbnb first. We reviewed Airbnb here previously. It definitely gives you another option if you’re not in the mood for a standard hotel room.

Hotel Tonight is another decent hotel booking app, and caters well to the impulse traveler. Hotel Tonight presents you with several cut price deals each night, depending on what city you’re in. They get the rooms that are unsold in top hotels, and the prices can be up to 70% off the standard room price. It’s worth taking a look at this app if you’re looking for a last minute hotel room.

Kayak is another solid app for booking flights. It’s easy to use and will usually give you the best prices on flights, although its results on intra-European flights on the lower cost airlines can be spotty.
Uber. When it comes to taxis, you simply can’t overlook Uber. It’s a car booking app that allows you to book a luxury car to pick you up from your exact location within minutes. You also don’t need to worry about paying in cash, as the payment is all processed through the app and linked to your credit card.
Sure, the Uber Lux cars (BMW 7 Series etc) might be slightly more expensive than regular cabs (the Uber X option can be dramatically cheaper than regular cabs though), but if you’re on holiday you might as well roll in style!
If you’re looking for promotional codes, we can help:
Use ROLLLIKEBOSS for London (£20 credit) and UBERLIKEBOSS for all US cities ($25 credit).
There’s nothing worse than getting back from a great holiday to find out that your phone bill is eight times what it usually is.
It really is outrageous how much the phone networks charge for international usage.
One way to avoid massive international fees is to use internet based apps for communication. Use these apps to wipe hundreds from your phone bill:
Whatsapp. For free texting, this is your best bet. Whatsapp allows you to text anyone in the world with the app for free. We love the group chat function as it lets you communicate with several people at once – ideal if you’re travelling with a big group on holiday.
Viber. Viber lets you make calls over the internet to other mobile phones around the world – offering huge savings if you need to make international calls on the road.
Skype. An oldie but a goodie, Skype is great for making free or cheap calls and the video call function can be useful.
Flight Tracking Apps

A good flight tracking app is an essential piece of kit for the frequent flyer. Knowledge is power when it comes to flying and it’s essential that you have all your flight details on you at all times.

Our favourite app for monitoring flight details ‘was’ FlightTrack, which we have previously reviewed.

We say ‘was’ because the original FlightTrack has recently been discontinued (although the previous version still works perfectly)  and has been replaced with FlightTrack 5.FlightTrack 5 is the new and improved version (although the current version does not yet sync with Tripit) and will cost you $2.99 / £2.99.
In our opinion it’s well worth the cost, as it’s a powerful app and is a lot more reliable than other free flight checking apps.
So – you’re in a foreign city, by yourself, and looking to meet people.
We’re going to throw in Tinder to our list here as a wildcard, for the simple reason – it makes meeting people very easy!
Hit a new city, enter your search preferences and see who comes up. You never know what might happen!
So there you have it – the top travel apps recommended by the team at Roll Like Boss. Get those apps on your phone before your next trip to ensure your travel experience is as smooth as possible.

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