The Yacht Week 2015 – it’s approaching fast.

A week of sailing and partying – it’s always going to be an amazing holiday. However it will be that much better if you’re prepared and have all the right gear for a week at sea.
It’s about this time of year when you start to think about what you’ll need for the week. We’re here with some packing tips to ensure that you’re rolling like boss for the entire week.
1. Swim Shorts. Obviously a pair of swim shorts is a no-brainer if you’re spending a week on a yacht. But how about a pair of super classy swim shorts that can be worn in the water, on the deck, at dinner, or even at the bar? Leave the baggy Billabong shorts at home and check out Orlebar Brown shorts (right). They’re not cheap – but they are quality. And if you’re trying to pack light, they’re perfect.
2. Boat Shoes. Sure, you could probably wear flip flops for the entire week. But it will only take one stub of your toe for you to wish that you’d forked out for a decent pair of boat shoes. Get yourself a pair of Sperry Top-siders. They’ll look the part and save you from destroying your feet after a few drinks.
3. Noho Anti Hangover Drink. Make no mistake, TYW is a boozy week. Bottles by day, bottles by night- it takes its toll. Why spend the best week of your life hungover? Our secret weapon when it comes to preventing hangovers is Noho. Taken before, during or after a night out, this stuff has near magical powers when it comes to preventing hangovers. It can practically eliminate all headaches and nausea. As for that tattoo you got the night before – it unfortunately won’t be able to remove that. Our advice would be to get yourself a case of Noho drinks for the trip and down a shot before a big night. You’ll thank us the next day.


4. Waterproof Iphone Case. This one is pretty essential. You need to protect your phone from water / champagne / Grey Goose damage. There are several styles of cases available and what you choose is a matter of personal preference. Make sure you get one with a neck strap to eliminate the risk of it falling overboard and don’t forget to test the case before you put it into action. One case we like is the ECO-FUSED waterproof case. It pretty much fits any smartphone and allows you to get your phone soaked while you’re taking selfies.
5. GoPro Camera. If you want to get some high quality footage of the week – maybe you want to record videos while in the water etc, think about getting yourself a GoPro camera. These are standard issue when it comes to filming adventure sports – they’re as tough as nails and have a great reputation. Dont lose the fantastic memories – get it all on video. GoPros have come down in price in the last few years and you can now pick one up for around £180. That’s a decent price if you’re looking at making a movie of your TYW experience.
6. Water Pistols. Turn your yacht into a modern day pirate ship. Pick up something for the armory to add the fun – water cannons, water balloons – the bigger the better.
7. Costumes and flags. Get your crew noticed with some cool outfits for the week. A flag can be a great way to set your boat apart from the others.
8. Resistance Bands. For those of you who like to keep in shape, a week of intense boozing on a yacht can take its toll. At RLB, we never leave home without a pair of resistance bands for emergency training needs. A simple pair of bands allows you to do hundreds of exercises, meaning you’ll always be looking your best – great for when that boat of cute Swedish girls sails past.
9. Audio cable (iPhone to speaker). You most likely won’t need a travel speaker while you’re on TYW as all the yachts have built in speakers. What you may need however, is a cable to connect your device to the speaker. It would be a crime to have 10 fully powered iPods stacked with tunes but no way to play them. Pick up one on Amazon before you leave.
10. Sunglasses Neck Strap. Just bought a new pair of expensive sunnies? You’ll be super annoyed if you lose them overboard. Get yourself a cheap sunglasses neck strap and you’ll have nothing to worry about.
11. Sunscreen & Aftersun Cream. These don’t need much of an explanation. Being the ‘burnt guy’ is never cool.
12. A Decent Bag. You’ll need to get all this gear into a high quality duffel bag. Suitcases are not appropriate here. We’d suggest taking a look at something like this North Face Base Camp duffel bag. Coming in a variety of sizes and colours – these bags are literally bulletproof. They’re light, splash proof and have strong zips – the ideal bag for TYW.


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