That phone in your pocket is capable of more and more everyday. Watch live HDTV, navigate with GPS, check-in at the airport, video chat with friends on the other side of the world – you name it and the chances are – your phone can do it.
However there’s one glaring area where technology hasn’t caught up, and that’s power.
As phones become more advanced and their functions increase, they generally require more power. Batteries simply haven’t kept up and the phone manufacturers just don’t seem to get the message.
It’s not uncommon for someone to leave home in the morning with a full charge, go about their day, look down at their phone at midday and think, “30 percent left? I’ve barely used it!”

That scene is replayed around the world everyday far too often. And while public spaces (airports, coffeehouses, cafes, etc.) have grown a little more “charger-friendly” with more outlets available in public spaces, there are still occasions where having a dead phone is not an option.

It always seems to happen when you need it most – and when you’re not near an outlet or don’t have your charger.
RavPower Luster Mini
The market is packed with portable devices/batteries to charge your phone on the go, but many of these are large, cumbersome, or don’t hold much of a charge in the first place.
What you want is a sleek, small charger that will fit in your pocket and provide a full phone recharge when you need it.
Enter the RavPower Luster Mini – a mobile power bank that when fully charged, holds 3000mAh of power in its battery, enough to provide a full charge to any iPhone and most Android devices.
That’s an impressive amount of power for a device that measures only 4.3 x 0.9 inches, and only weighs 2.57 ounces. At that size/weight, it can easily fit into any jacket pocket, suit pocket, or purse. Tough to beat for convenience.

It offers everything we’d look for in a mobile charger: lightweight, portable, yet powerful.

It also looks good. All RavPower Luster Minis are made of brushed aluminium, giving the device a sleek, finished look, and come in six different colors: gold, silver, black, pink, and blue. It all comes together very well to give the product a great ergonomic “feel” – similar to the way Apple products famously look and feel straight out of the box.

In a welcome addition, the Luster Mini also doubles as a flashlight. At one end of the cylinder, a powerful bright white light can be activated by pressing the button on the other end. This button also changes the flashlight mode from high, low, or strobe.
We found the strobe light to be an interesting feature – for unexpected reasons. While you could use it to start your own dance party, the product also offers an added safety benefit. With such a bright strobe effect, the Luster Mini can easily be used to signal in a nighttime emergency. The Mini puts forth a powerful enough light that combined with the strobe effect, would be practically unmissable at night, even in a remote location.
On the opposite end of the cylinder, the Luster Mini offers charging or discharging via USB and MicroUSB ports. The device takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge, and lights up blue on the end when complete. We put it to the test and found it capable of fully charging a Samsung S4 with zero power in around 2.5 hours, a very respectable speed.
In future models, we’d ideally like to see Apple’s new lightning charger included as a method for charging the device. You can still use a lightning charger to charge an Apple device while drawing your power from the Luster Mini, you just can’t use it to charge the Luster Mini itself.
Having sampled the product, we found the RavPower Luster Mini meets its targeted charging times and battery power supply, and feel it’s a great fit for any active traveler or professional. Individual charging times may vary by device,
If you’re looking for the perfect way to carry an extra full phone charge with you, or even want to keep extra power on hand to charge any USB-powered devices, you can’t go wrong with the LusterMini. It meets the criteria we value most among travel products: lightweight and portable.


We feel the product is very fairly priced, cheaper than comparable rival products. The RavPower Luster Mini lists for USD$29.99, but can often be found on Amazon at varying cheaper prices.


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