We regularly cover the latest developments in Las Vegas resorts and nightlife, but we’re often asked by readers for our latest thoughts on Atlantic City. Wait no more.
Today we present our Atlantic City nightlife guide and take a look at the most popular nightlife hotspots in AC and their surrounding resorts.
This is by no means a guide to every club in Atlantic City, just our picks to make your next AC experience the best yet.
Here are our top 4 picks for AC nightlife and resorts:
4. Providence (Tropicana)

Tropicana needs a longer summary than most. Not because it’s New Jersey’s largest hotel, but because when to go is just as important as where to go.

More than any other resort in AC, the Trop feels ‘seasonal.’ Despite its location on the boardwalk, the Trop feels more of a winter destination than a summer one.
This is because all the action is indoors – no major pool day scene, no outdoor clubs/bars. With its indoor Havana Market and dusk sky ceiling, the whole area has a nighttime feel that makes you forget you’re actually at the beach.
That’s not necessarily a bad thing. During summer, there’s not much buzz in the air but over the holiday season, the Trop can really feel alive.
The resort boasts a stunning selection of bars and lounges, from laid back to upscale, along with an amazing new location of Chickie’s & Pete’s, the famed Philly sports bar chain. Their setup at Trop for live sports is nothing short of TV heaven.
As for Providence, the major club on premises, its an average club. In our opinion, the dance floor is actually too large, leaving little space to mingle near the two bars. Thankfully, the bars are large enough to accommodate customers with very little wait for drinks.
As a second tier club, Providence lacks the cache for DJ’s of global status. They do have a strict dress code but entry and lines are not difficult, even on weekend nights.
You won’t see a runway of pretty people like HQ (Revel) or Murmur (Borgata), but it’s a decent option if you’re in one of the Trop’s many other bars and looking for a club. It also doesn’t have much competition near the southern end of the Boardwalk, offering a close option without having to take a cab across town to the Marina District.
3. Haven (Golden Nugget)
Arguably the most hyped club of the past year, Haven has drawn an impressive lineup of DJ’s since its opening last summer.
Part of this can be attributed to Golden Nugget still being a relatively new property. Formerly Trump Marina – a low-tier budget resort – Golden Nugget bought the property in February 2011 and completed a multiyear, $150 million renovation, transforming it into a modern, 3-4 star resort.
Haven is a first-tier club so entry can be moderate to difficult, especially if a major DJ is booked. After 12pm on any night, expect to see long wait times.
Inside, the club is very spacious and presents no difficulty in long waits for customers at the bars. That said, the indoor area is almost too spacious.
Haven has a small, roof covered outdoor lounge area with tables, couches, fireplaces and even a few gaming tables. It’s a unique and impressive addition but simply too small for a club of this size and feels almost tacked on like an afterthought. The lounge area also lacks a bar, meaning customers have to walk back inside for drinks.
We’d like to see Haven expand this space and add a bar in the future to give customers some additional options, and think it would greatly improve the overall experience.
2. Murmur (Borgata)
Murmur regularly draws an attractive upscale crowd, and really benefits from its location in Borgata, with many young professionals staying on premises looking to let loose.
Although open both weekend nights, its big night is actually Monday. ‘Murmur Mondays’ offer a strong industry night and weeknight option for nightlife. The club is less crowded than weekends, but boasts the same amount, if not more, of an attractive crowd.
Where Murmur loses points is its setup. Upon entry, an escalator takes patrons below ground level (casino floor) into a single room with low ceilings, making Murmur feel far more dark and cramped than most clubs. The whole experience feels very confined and one-dimensional, and it’s evident the club could seriously use some outdoor space, or at least a second room.
Borgata offers plenty of nightlife options from which to choose including its other main club, Mixx, which didn’t make our list but is recently renovated and is a great option when at Borgata. Mixx is open Saturday and Sunday nights.
1. The Pool After Dark (Harrah’s)
Our No. 1 rated club in AC, The Pool After Dark combines an indoor/outdoor nightlife experience like no other.
Rather than having a stand-alone club on premises like most casinos, Harrah’s instead begins a makeover of its pool once the day ends, transforming it into a huge nightlife pavilion with two spacious bars, a large assortment of VIP seating, two dancefloors, and a rooftop bar.
To the surprise of many guests, Harrah’s AC actually does not have an outdoor pool. The entire pool area is covered by a large transparent dome. But the whole place is large enough to still have an outdoor feel, whether it’s a pool by day or a club by night.
It’s different. But it works.
The Pool After Dark is a huge club. The second floor contains a large bar with a cool view of the entire club, and just off to the side is the roofdeck.
The roofdeck is huge, and doubles as a tanning deck by day. It offers table seating and contains one large bar. Weather permitting, you’ll find plenty of guests outside, enjoying drinks under the night sky with a good view of the city.
Normally, large clubs with an enormous capacity do not equate to great clubs, but The Pool After Dark defies expectations. It combines every essential nightlife element to create a truly fun and unique atmosphere, making it our best bet for AC.
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  1. Harra's pool is the absolute worst…? minimal dancing, overpriced admission and drinks, useless promoters, drunk whales in the pool. the list goes on. id put it at 6 or 7. Hard to say which is best though, they all have their flaws. the pool just sucks

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