It’s peak summer season and that generally means one thing – holidays / parties / drinking!

While everyone loves a few drinks, it’s not much fun if you spend the whole next day with a killer hangover regretting the night before.

In our never ending quest to improve your travel experience, at Roll Like Boss we’ve been trialling an assortment of anti-hangover products to ensure you can party like a rockstar and wake the next day feeling fresh and ready to do it all over again.
Today we review NOHO Hangover Defense shots.
NOHO Explained
NOHO is a shot sized dietary supplement specifically formulated to fortify your body and protect it.
While NOHO comes in a 2oz shot sized bottle – similar to the various energy drink shots on the market, don’t be fooled by its appearance. Noho is NOT an energy drink and it contains absolutely no sugar, caffeine or other stimulants.
A hangover is caused by 1. dehydration and 2. your body losing essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants.
With this in mind, NOHO aims to supercharge your body in preparation for the drinking process so you’ll feel better the next day.
Key ingredients include prickly pear extract which helps hydrate the body and cleanse the liver, and ginger root extract which helps sooth the stomach and digestive system.
NOHO recommend taking one shot prior to drinking and one after drinking.
Does it work?
So does NOHO work?
Damn straight it does!
We put NOHO to the test with several friends on a recent five day beach holiday and managed to wake up hangover free EVERY SINGLE MORNING. Not a single person experienced the headaches and / or nausea of a hangover. And given that some of those days/nights were fairly substantial drinking sessions (in the name of research of course), NOHO came through with flying colours. Impressive.
Another great thing about NOHO is the bottle size. The shot sized canisters mean you can carry them with you in a jacket pocket, or in a bag / handbag etc.Heading to Vegas this summer? Pack a 6-pack in your suitcase and you’ll be prepared and ready to party.
Availability & Cost
NOHO shots are well priced relative to other hangover products.
In the US, you can buy them in various sized packs through their website. ie. 6 pack, 12 pack, 24 pack.
You can also buy them on Amazon here.
We’re waiting to hear from NOHO on their current distribution plans for Europe, but the product can be found online.
We were impressed by NOHO shots and will definitely be using them regularly in the future in the fight against hangovers. We highly recommend getting hold of some to ensure you make the most of the day after the party.

Note: NOHO have recently also released an anti-hangover premium mixer drink which we’ll be featuring in a separate review in the near future.




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