Today we move down the line in our industry-wide review of anti-hangover products and turn the spotlight on NOHO Gold, one of the most innovative beverage concepts we’ve seen in quite some time.
In fact, it’s unlike almost any other product in the anti-hangover market.

Unlike the many pills, shots, powders, supplements you’ll see on the shelves, NOHO Gold differentiates itself by being – quite literally – part of your drink itself.

Sound different? It is.
Allow us to explain. This isn’t a stand-alone drink meant to be consumed on its own. You don’t just crack open a can, drink one and dull a hangover.
You could of course try that – it’s pleasant-tasting enough with a sparkling, refreshing taste of light ginger and citrus, although that’s a reach. The overall taste has a sweet, flat base and is actually quite difficult to identify, as if something’s missing.
And that’s the point. NOHO Gold isn’t a drink, it’s a ‘premium mixer’ – a blank canvas from which to start that blends exceptionally well with almost any popular cocktail.

It’s essentially the Triple Sec of anti-hangover mixers – tough taste to pinpoint, but mixes well with just about anything.

How it works

Note the word “premium”. This drink is designed with a purpose. It’s not 

meant to be tossed into whatever glass you’re drinking and consumed. It’s meant to be an integral component of your drink, just as any other well-crafted mixer would be – except this one aids in preventing a hangover.

Blending well with vodka, rum, gin, or whiskey-based drinks, its versatility is impressive. To demonstrate this, NOHO aren’t fooling around. They’ve designed a route map for all seasons, with dozens of cocktails to be made with precise measurements, all using NOHO Gold as a main or secondary mixer.
Like many other anti-hangover supplements NOHO Gold focuses on keeping/restoring nutrients to your system and detoxification. Its major ingredients are: Ginger Root Extract – to calm/soothe the stomach and digestive system, and Prickly Pear Extract – a popular detoxifying ingredient in many supplements. And though the can may look like a typical energy drink mixer, NOHO Gold contains absolutely no caffeine or similar ingredients.
Noho Gold Review

NOHO7We put it to the test with readers on some full-throttle nights out and found NOHO Gold to be equally effective in preventing hangovers as the NOHO shots. Many woke up tired, but one common theme was stressed – no headaches.

Unlike the shots, which are taken one prior to drinking and one before bed, NOHO Gold is meant to be taken with several drinks throughout the evening.

We also enjoyed experimenting with a few drinks and were extremely impressed at how well it mixed with anything we could think of – particularly any citrus-based cocktails.
If you’re looking to liven up your summer drinks, a splash of NOHO Gold will be a breath of fresh air, especially when you wake up feeling better.
NOHO Gold is available in the US markets of Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Tampa, Miami, parts of Texas, Boise, Salt Lake City, and is also launching in Hong Kong this month.
Gold cases come in 12 packs or 24 packs (full case) and are available on the NOHO website or Amazon. Prices are roughly $30 for a 12 pack and $50 for a full case.
NOHO is a publicly held company listed on the OTC:BB, trading under the symbol DRNK.
Disclosure: Neither Roll Like Boss nor contributors hold any stake in NOHO at time of publication.



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