We’ve all been there.
You’re making an important phone call on your iPhone or Android and the battery suddenly runs out, leaving you powerless to interact with the world.Your smartphone is an incredible piece of equipment, capable of running amazing apps, yet the chances are the battery doesn’t last more than a day with moderate usage. It’s ironic that ‘mobile’ phones are becoming less and less mobile as users are constantly thinking about where their next charge is going to come from.
If this sounds familiar, it’s time to get yourself a portable phone charger. We’ve tried a few styles of portable chargers in the past and the results have varied. However one charger we really like, for its performance, design and value, is the Anker Astro Mini External Charger.  
Whether you travel frequently, lead a busy lifestyle or simply use your phone a lot, the Anker Astro Mini is an essential piece of kit.
Anger Astro Mini Review – Sleek Looking Design
For a start, the Astro Mini charger looks boss.Built with dependability in mind, the charger incorporates premium microchips, Samsung Grade A cells and a rugged aluminium outer shell, and the result is a product that feels solid in your hand.
At just 89mm by 23mm and weighing just 80 grams, it’s small size means you can easily fit it in your pocket or bag.
With a capacity of 3200mAh and an output of 5V 1A, we’ve found that the Astro Mini will provide around 1.5 full charges for an iPhone. That’s more than enough charge to keep you going when you’re on the road.
The Astro Mini is charged up via USB and comes with a USB cord. To charge an iPhone you’ll need a standard iPhone cable that you will have received with your phone. We recommend purchasing a shorter iPhone cable than the standard cables for a more streamlined experience.
The Astro Mini is compatible with Apple and Android smartphones, tablets and other 5V input USB charged devices.
Although the RRP is USD $40 / GBP £40, at the time of writing, the Anker Astro Mini is currently on sale at Amazon for $19.99 / £13.99.
At that price, it’s an absolute steal and highly recommended by the Roll Like Boss team.
So don’t be a slave to your phone’s battery and hop from one power-point to another. Grab yourself an Anker Astro Mini charger and put the ‘mobile’ back in your mobile phone.

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