Around 18 months ago, we ran a popular piece entitled The Condom of the Future.

In that article, we highlighted the work that a little known UK pharmaceutical company – Futura Medical – was doing in designing a novel condom.

This condom (the CSD500) – dubbed the ‘Viagra condom’ by the media – contains a special Viagra-like-gel (Zanifil) inside the condom, which  results in enhanced performance for the wearer.
Our opinion remains the same now as it was then – once launched, the product has the revolutionary potential to change how the majority of men view condoms.
Blue Diamond Launch
Fast forward 18 months, and the condom (one version of it) has officially been launched this week.
Let us introduce the Blue Diamond condom.
Blue Diamond is Futura’s in-house version of the CSD500 condom.*
The condom is designed to result in MAXIMUM HARDNESS for the wearer and has been scientifically proven to do exactly that.
Blue Diamond launched in the Netherlands and Belgium this week and is available for purchase online now (you will need a Dutch or Belgian bank account and address). However, this is just the start – you can expect to see the condom in other countries soon.
A four-pack of Blue Diamond condoms sells for €5.99. Given the fact this condom practically guarantees performance – we expect the product to generate huge buzz and expect it to sell FAST!
We’ll be acquiring a supply of Blue Diamond shortly. Stay tuned for a full product review.
*In our original article, we mentioned that Church & Dwight – the owners of Trojan condoms – had signed an agreement to produce the CSD500 under the Trojan brand. This is still the case and we expect to see a Trojan version released in the near future. Furthermore, Futura have signed agreements with several different condom manufacturers in different geographical regions around the world so expect to see similar products using this technology soon.

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