Say goodbye to the traditional sports drink on the morning after a hangover. After a night out, you may be tempted to reach for the tried and trusted ice cold Gatorade or Lucozade. But should you?
Sports drinks actually aren’t the smartest way to fight hangovers. Sure, they taste great, but they’re giant sugar shocks to your system. Your body needs to rehydrate and replenish nutrients, and sports drinks generally only offer glucose and small amounts of vitamins in this regard.
That’s not enough. Amino acids are equally important in getting you back on your feet.
Recently, we had the opportunity to review Resqwater – an interesting anti-hangover drink which takes all that into account.
Founded in 2009 out of Scottsdale, Arizona, Resqwater has expanded nationally in the US and is gaining notoriety in vacation destinations.
Resqwater takes the sports drink/hydration approach to fighting a hangover and enhances it, packing far more than glucose into an 8 oz. bottle.
They start with Cysteine, a crucial amino acid that aids in detoxification, the benefits of which we’ve covered before. Prickly pear cactus fruit extract and milk thistle are also included – both of which hold anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties.
The taste? Not as sugary as traditional sports drinks, but not medicinal or unpleasant like many other anti-hangover remedies. The prickly pear/cactus extract is definitely noticeable, with a similar flavor to prickly pear jam in the southwest – perhaps a nod to the product’s Arizona roots – and a mild undertone of citrus. Serve cold or over ice for best taste.
Resqwater Review – Results
Does it work? Provided you’re able to take the product as advised – one bottle prior to drinking and one bottle after – we noticed an improvement compared to the traditional sports drink remedy for rehydration. We were also pleased to see an anti-hangover drink include cysteine in its formula. (For maximum effect, take Resqwater occasionally between drinks)
Where we found the product lacking was portability. The 8 oz. bottles are not exactly travel friendly. They work well if you’re headed to the beach or to a pool party and have somewhere to store them, but you can’t very well bring one into a bar or club.
Consuming Resqwater requires the ideal setup at home or some advance planning when traveling, which isn’t always practical. You’re unlikely to find it at a local store for example, nor can you reasonably pack a ton of bottles in your suitcase.
Portability aside, we do recommend Resqwater as a healthy alternative to high sugar sports drinks, and suggest drinking a few before and after your next daytime party.
We’d like to see them expand their formula into powder/packet form, similar to Emergen-C, EBoost, FRS, and other similar hydration/nutrition products on the market to offer travelers more access and convenience.
Resqwater is available on the company website and retails for $46.80USD for a 12 pack (Case) and $91.20USD for a 24 pack (Brick). All orders include free shipping.

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