Rewind to last summer’s World Cup.

If you watched coverage in the US, particularly during USA games on TV, you probably saw live whip-around coverage to sports bars in all corners of the country and abroad, showing fans reacting to goals and other key moments.

Of those images, one location in particular always managed to stand out – Kansas City. Yes, Kansas City, Missouri. Thousands of fans going crazy in front of a giant HD screen with surround sound in perfect weather, in a multi-story amphitheatre of bars and restaurants – a complete sensory overload of sports, atmosphere and entertainment.

It looked pretty close to the greatest venue to watch a sporting event on the planet. And if you caught even a small amount of coverage on ESPN, chances are at least once you saw this image and thought, “What the hell is THAT place?”


Kansas City Live! during the 2010 World Cup Finals

That impressive fusion of nightlife, sports, and entertainment is known as Kansas City Live! and is part of a larger, similarly styled nightlife/entertainment concept with two other national locations – Baltimore, MD and Philadelphia, PA.

Taking up an entire city block in Kansas’ Power and Light District, the Live! complex contains two stories of night-time hot-spots and restaurants, a concert stage, seasonal outdoor venues, and even a pool. There are also some retail outlets, though the emphasis of the development is firmly on entertainment.

Unlimited Entertainment

Rarely do you see so many entertainment options packed so densely into a single space. It’s as if you went to your favorite mall, only it contained bars and restaurants instead of stores. This isn’t just an entertainment destination, it’s an entertainment concept.

What’s also remarkable is the flexibility of these venues. Gameday for a major sporting event or a night-time concert with a marquee group, each property can be tailored to fit the featured events of the day. No matter the event, all elements combine to add up to a truly unique experience and carnival-like atmosphere that totally immerses visitors in the moment.

Live! Nightlife and Entertainment of the Future – From The Cordish Group

Live! properties are owned and developed by The Cordish Group, a Baltimore-based real-estate development company.

We’re always on the lookout for interesting new trends in the industry, and this particular blend of nightlife/entertainment feels fresh and unique. The concept is still in its early stages, and we’re extremely intrigued to see what future expansion plans lay in store. In our opinion, the Live! brand is almost a certainty to appear in several other US cities in the future.

The RLB team recently had the chance to tour the Live! complex in Philadelphia, known as Xfinity Live! We were impressed. A smaller development than Kansas City, this complex does not feature shopping and maintains a sole focus on nightlife and sports entertainment. If you’re looking for a top destination to watch sport in Philly, this is it.

In summary, the Live! complexes offer some of the best locations to watch sport across the USA and we’re looking forward to seeing more developments in other major cities in the near future. Stay tuned as we’ll be reviewing Xfinity Live! shortly.


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  1. I also saw the Live! venue in Philadelphia. It's quite impressive! The main problem, as I see it, is that they'll probably have to allow residents of Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs (e.g., Audubon) to partake. Yuck…The last thing this world needs is a large number of delusional Eagles fans in such close proximity.

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