The opening of Drai’s at The Cromwell, a new mid-strip boutique hotel, has brought a welcome daylife/nightlife addition to the middle of the Las Vegas Strip.

We visited Drai’s on several occasions on a recent Vegas trip, both during the afternoon and at night, to get a complete feel for the entire property, in its Beach Club day setting and its nightclub during the evening.

We’ll start with the club signature hook – the view. It’s the first thing you’re likely to notice on arrival, and is arguably the best view as far as nightlife goes on the entire strip. The entire club opens up onto an enormous pool and patio, and looks out west toward Caesars, Bellagio, and farther off – Palms. If you’re looking for a club with a boss view – Drai’s is the club for you.

Indoor/Outdoor Setup

In terms of atmosphere, our best Vegas comparison would be the two nightlife venues of Wynn/Encore (XS and Surrender). Drai’s has shades of both.

Indoors, Drai’s feels similar in setup to XS at Wynn. Outdoors, due to the size of the patio, it provides an atmosphere more on par with Surrender at Encore – a nightclub that has not just an outdoor patio, but an entire beach club attached that transforms itself by night. Drai’s is nowhere near as large, but it still adds up to an impressive indoor/outdoor experience.



The dance floor is large, though not too large to kill the vibe when the DJs are smashing out some of the freshest beats you’ll hear in Vegas. Drai’s hasn’t yet attracted the world’s biggest DJs like other Vegas establishments such as XS and Hakkasan, but they do offer plenty of variety. Be sure to checkout their DJ lineup on their website, Facebook or Instagram as the style of music does vary from House, EDM and Urban beats depending on the night of the week.

The outdoor patio gives you a good opportunity to get some fresh air and enjoy a drink under the night skies. At times, Vegas clubs can seem loud, dark and a little claustrophobic. Having a outside patio definitely gives you another option.

One thing to note though was that the outdoor patio was roped off on both our night visits. This was a little disappointing as it would have been nice to drink under the stars during the peak of summer. Given that the club was packed to the rafters inside, we thought it was a strange decision to deny access to the outdoor area. If you place a high priority on an outdoor scene with a view for your nightlife experience, we recommend checking/calling before your visit to ensure the patio is open on a given night.

As the crowds start to disperse in the early hours of the morning, Drai’s opens its after hours club, Drai’s After Hours. Here, you can kick on in a smaller, more intimate venue with those willing to party on through the night.

Bottle Service

If you’re in the mood for bottle service, the dance floor is surrounded by tables, and the service offered on our visit was top notch. Tables can also be reserved outside in the Beach Club day or night (when open) for a more relaxed atmosphere with a view.

Bottles clock in around the average Vegas market rate, starting at around $500 for basic liquor and champagne, though the menu offers an impressive selection for all tastes and needs.

From a Vegas-wide perspective, we were really pleased to see not just Drai’s but The Cromwell hotel put their footprints in this part of the Strip. With the exception of the opening of Cosmo, the mid-Strip area has lacked a bit of energy in recent years in terms of daylife/nightlife venues. Drai’s fills a crucial space of real estate on both counts.

Whether you’re looking for a great new daytime party location or simply a fresh nightlife choice in Vegas, Drai’s checks all the boxes. We’ll be returning in the future, and strongly recommend working it into your schedule on your next Vegas visit.


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