When it comes to London airports, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to many that we rank Stansted as the least preferable airport from which to fly. Yes, it has undergone a huge redevelopment over the last few years and seems to be more efficient than in the past, but Stansted is still chaotic and always seems to have huge swathes of low-cost passengers checking in whatever time you choose to fly, with the accompanying hour-plus lines at check in, security, and crowded gate areas.

Finding space to relax, or even finding free space in general can be a real challenge. With that in mind, it’s absolutely essential to have lounge access if you happen to be flying out of Stansted.

Today we review the Escape Lounge at Stansted Airport. The lounge is located just off the restaurant hub of the airport after the duty-free area. The lounge can be accessed through Priority Pass, Airport Angel or through payment online.

Calm Atmosphere

We dropped into the lounge recently on a Friday night before a flight to Madrid.

Our first reaction upon entry was that the Escape Lounge was a calm oasis compared to the chaos going on in the terminal. The restaurant area of the terminal had been absolutely rammed, so we were expecting the lounge to be similarly busy. Amazingly, it was nearly empty.

There was an air of tranquillity and plenty of available seating in the lounge and that’s exactly what you want when relaxing before your flight.


Built in early 2015, the Escape lounge is clean and modern. The decor is contemporary and slightly quirky.

There’s a variety of different seating arrangements including smaller dining tables, comfortable sofas and plenty of options in between.

The lounge is large and offers plenty of space.

There are TVs up on the walls and several flight boards as well to ensure you don’t miss your flight.

Food and drink

Food options were basic but there was plenty to get by – pasta, salads, ham and cheese, pies, biscuits and cakes – definitely enough options to put together a light pre flight meal. You can also pay to upgrade to a more premium meal.

Basic alcohol is complimentary – beers, spirits and wine are free of charge. A list of premium drinks is available for purchase.

Several staff were working behind the bar so bar service was quick and efficient – another plus.


We accessed the lounge through Priority Pass. We’re big fans of Priority Pass at Roll Like Boss and highly recommend looking at membership plans if you fly regularly.

Access can also be purchased online at a cost of £20 per person.

Overall we were very impressed with the Escape Lounge at Stansted. The lounge provided exactly the environment a traveller desires – a calm, spacious spot away from the crowds to relax and enjoy a pre-flight drink.


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