Travel light. Talk to any avid traveler and it’s the most common piece of advice you’ll hear. From websites to entire books, the amount of information on how to pack efficiently and travel light is almost endless.

Never check a bag and pack all of your gear into one carry-on is the standard tip from any road warrior. But what if you could go one step further than just one bag? What if you could travel with no bags?

With the DUFL app, you can. Today we take a look at a game-changing concept for the modern traveler – the ‘virtual closet’.


What is DUFL?

Think of DUFL as your own personal closet outside your home. DUFL is a premium valet service for business travelers that offers shipping, cleaning and storage of your favorite clothing to wear while traveling.

Upon enrollment, you simply ship as many garments/clothing as you like to a DUFL centralized facility to create your virtual closet. Here, DUFL will inventory, photograph, and store your clothing until you’re ready for travel. (You may also store all toiletries for the road, with the exception of aerosols).

Once it’s time to hit the road, you only need to select your destination/date, and a DUFL suitcase will be waiting for you at your hotel (case included free upon enrollment).

Once it’s time to go home, you just need to repack the DUFL suitcase, schedule a pickup through the app, and affix the included shipping label. You can head straight to the airport. DUFL will send someone to pick up your bag.

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Baggage-free travel to arrive stress-free and relaxed


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What strikes us as most convenient is DUFL’s suitability for a multi-city trip – even one with varying weather conditions and purposes. Got a conference in Seattle, meeting in Phoenix, followed by a bachelor party in Vegas?Not a problem. Forget packing two oversized bags and lugging them around in taxis. DUFL can have your appropriate attire waiting in all three destinations. It’s also worth noting that although DUFL caters to th business traveler, your attire doesn’t need to be confined to business clothing as the app will ship, store, and clean any leisure/nightlife attire for your travel as well.

Catering to the online shopper, it’s even possible to ship any clothing you purchase online directly to your DUFL virtual closet. Your shipping address with DUFL is personalized with a unique customer code. Simply enter this as your shipping address for any purchase, and it winds up in your virtual closet, ready to go.

Anytime you want to refresh your travel wardrobe, no problem – just ship your clothing to your home address at the end of a trip and return it with whatever replacements you desire.

Overall, the prospective amount of time saved is impressive, no more time spent packing or picking up and paying the dry cleaners. No more hurrying onto the airplane to hunt for an overhead storage bin. With DUFL, you can literally step out of your office with nothing but your briefcase and head straight to the airport.


Pricing and Shipping

DUFL costs $9.95 per month of membership and $99 per roundtrip. This includes all costs for shipping, cleaning, and storage. DUFL uses standard FedEx 3 day shipping, so be sure to plan ahead. If you’re traveling on short notice, DUFL offers FedEx overnight shipping for $49.



Currently, DUFL is available for all travel within the US and selected business hubs in Europe and Canada. It is also available in Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne.

In a welcome addition, the app is also available for international residents who travel frequently within the US. All goods are stored in the US and pricing varies by trip – contact DUFL Customer Support by email or phone on their concierge line (open 24/7) for assistance and price quotes.

The next time you have a trip that requires a bit of wardrobe planning in several cities, or if you’re just an avid traveler for business and/or leisure, we recommend considering DUFL.

It’s the future of concierge service brought right to your phone and the epitome of what modern travel should be – less hassle and more free time to roll like boss wherever, and whenever you land.


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