Staying fit and healthy while on the road is perhaps one of the greatest challenges for the frequent traveler.

It can be hard to locate a quality gym when you’re travelling as many hotel gyms are totally inadequate – and on top of that, it can be even harder to find nutritious foods that will supplement your workouts.

Those who workout regularly will know that your diet and nutrition is as important as your workout routine. For example, when you lift weights, you need to ensure that your body receives enough protein to assist muscle growth. However it’s not always convenient to pack a 5kg tub of whey protein in your suitcase. Away from home, there will be times when you simply can’t get access to the food and nutrition you need through regular meals. You need to be prepared in advance.

With that in mind – today we offer up our top 5 nutrition supplements for travelers. These are all easily portable, non-liquid items that can be easily packed in any suitcase or duffel bag, and do not require checking a bag on your flight:

1. Myoplex Original Shake Packets

Created by EAS Sports Nutrition, Myoplex has been one of the leaders in protein supplements for more than a decade and in our opinion, remains the best tasting protein powder on the market.

It’s also one of the most travel friendly protein products in terms of packaging. Available in a 20 pk or 42 pk, each serving offers 42 grams of whey protein in individually wrapped packets. These can easily be stored in any carry-on bag or in any front/side, zip compartments of any suitcase, allowing travelers to effortlessly pack a 1-2 week supply while adding very little weight.

Myoplex tastes best when mixed with milk, though there are enough milk isolates within
the protein powder itself that it can be made with water in a pinch.

One travel tip for mixing: Avoid the protein shaker bottles you may have at home. These are incredibly difficult to keep clean outside of a proper kitchen and leave a heavy dairy residue inside the bottle, making it a breeding ground for bad odor and bacteria when stuffed in a bag. Instead, simply use an empty Gatorade or water bottle to mix your shake, and discard when finished.


2. FRS Healthy Energy Powdered Drink Mix

Popular with endurance athletes and bodybuilders, FRS packs a boost of extra, sustained energy and a huge kick of B-vitamins and antioxidants. It also offers a massive boost to your immune system at a time when you need it most.

It’s also a delicious, citrus-based alternative to the standard jetlag remedy of coffee and/or tea – not only in terms of taste but also in the time of boost it provides. Instead of the quick jolt or jitters like you might get from a few espresso, you get a smoother, sustained sense of alertness.

FRS is available in various forms (cans, concentrate, chews). We encourage readers to opt for the powder form while traveling. The mix dissolves easily in any plastic bottle or glass. Boxes include 12 individual sachets. For best taste, we recommend serving chilled over ice.

3. Emergen-C

Jetlag and air travel can be a nasty combination. Falling out of a normal sleep schedule and traveling in confined airspace exposes your immune system to all sorts of viruses.

Emergen-C is a time honored remedy to prevent that and prepare your body for those obstacles. Available in a large selection of flavors, Emergen-C is a vitamin/mineral effervescent drink mix that dissolves in water and contains the right balance of vitamins (1700 percent of the recommended daily intake for Vitamin C, 400 percent for Vitamin B), and added minerals.

Designed for rapid absorption, it gives your immune system the boost it needs for the flight ahead. We recommend taking one serving preflight and making another in midflight.

Like FRS, Emergen-C ships in boxes with individually wrapped sachets, perfect for travel and adding almost zero weight to your bag.

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4. Protein Bars

Protein bars are a must for any traveler. They can offer a quick snack or even a meal replacement, and require zero preparation time.

If you regularly train for a high level of performance, especially for endurance sports or lean muscle growth, you’re likely aware that it’s preferable to consume 5-6 small meals daily at regular intervals as opposed to 2-3 large meals consumed in one setting.

Obviously while traveling, this is often impractical and this is where protein bars can really help – for those times between meals when you simply don’t have access to healthy lean protein

Bars are also one of the most crowded segments of the protein marketplace. With hundreds of brands out there, it’s difficult to pick an all out winner but to start, we prefer Met-Rx due to their high calorie/high protein ratio.

Met-Rx bars aren’t just a snack, they’re meal replacements – with many bars totaling over 450 calories. We recommend checking out the Big 100 Colossal Series for a variety of great tasting flavors, all offering meal replacement equivalents for calories and over 30+ grams of protein.

5. BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids)

Branched Chain Amino Acids have rocketed in popularity among the fitness community over the past several years. While protein intake remains the most important factor in muscle growth from exercise, BCAA’s are vital in assisting protein synthesis and muscle maintenance. This is precisely why they’re vital for travel.

On a grueling business trip or a relaxing vacation, there will be times where you simply can’t get to a gym or want to treat yourself to a day off, and you’ll miss a few workouts. Provided you prepare for this, it’s not the end of the world. Not even for high-performance athletes. Because BCAA’s assist with protein synthesis in the absence of exercise, they play an important role in preserving lean muscle mass, keeping your metabolic rate high and preventing fat gain.

In short, BCAA’s can help you keep preserve all the hard-earned gains you’ve made during a few days of inactivity and “lost” gym sessions.

We recommend taking BCAA’s as a supplement year-round, but especially on trips when you’re likely to be less active and know this well in advance.

Remember – fitness is a long-term investment in yourself. In that investment, it’s a lot easier to lose what you’ve gained than gain what you’ve lost. Travel doesn’t have to be an impediment to progress. These are just a few of our recommended supplements and strategies for fit travelers who want to keep rolling like boss, in the gym and on the road.

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