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A hotel suite with a private pool overlooking Miami Beach, a 50th floor penthouse with a view of the Vegas Strip, a villa with your own private patio in Beverly Hills…

These are just a few examples of the many exclusive venues which elite hotels and casinos have on their premises, but often go unseen and unheard of among the general public.

This is understandable – many are not even publicly listed on hotel websites and if they are, there may not be a listed price. You may have to call a special reservations agent, or they may be invitation only.

A common assumption is these are kept in reserve for hotels’ highest levels of elite customers and in casinos, reserved only for the ultimate high rollers. That’s often true but not always, and certainly not every night.

In fact, there are always suites left over in inventory that go unsold and when that happens, much like an airline with an empty seat, hotels lose an opportunity to make money with an unsold room.

What if you could purchase these exclusive, high-end venues that would otherwise go unsold at a discounted rate? With, now you can.

Based in Oakland, CA, Suiteness is a start-up in its early stages, launching only last year. However, we believe the potential here is huge.

What Priceline and Hotwire did for unsold hotel rooms, Suiteness has the potential to do for luxury suites. Never before have customers had such access to unsold inventories of suites and penthouses in 4 and 5 star hotels across such a wide array of properties.



Currently, Suiteness is available in 4 US cities: Miami, New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Internationally, it will make its debut in London in the very near future.

Their initial four cities of operation make sense for an initial foray in the US market. All are year-round tourist destinations for international and domestic visitors. Provided popularity continues to grow, we’d expect San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, and Montreal to be logical choices for expansion in North America.

Direct Pricing

We put Suiteness to the test over a range of spring weekends in Las Vegas. The site generated a remarkable number of high end boss rooms and very attractive prices. On average, we found considerable savings of around 20 percent off many listed suites from the price listed on individual hotel or resort websites.

We also really liked how the site displays room rates which aren’t even found on individual hotel websites themselves. At many properties, nightly rates for the highest-end suites and penthouses are often unlisted, requiring users to call or email a specific number or individual contact for bookings.

Another plus is the site’s user-friendly interface and overall simplicity. With Suiteness pricing, what you see is what you get. No hidden surcharges and/or the prospect of resort fees or taxes being “added later”. Your rate is your rate.

Best Price Guarantee

There’s a huge selection of luxury accommodation available through Suiteness, ranging from suites to penthouses to private apartments and many cost thousands of dollars per night. When investing that kind of money, it’s vital to know you’re getting the best price on the market.

Thankfully, like many hotel brands, Suiteness offers a hassle-free Best Price Guarantee. In the event you find your exact room listed for a lower rate on another public website, simply email them and your credit card will be refunded the difference.

One minor drawback we should note for customers making a run at elite status with any hotel brand: As with any hotel stay booked through a third-party vendor, you will not receive reward points or nightly stay credits toward elite status from your stay when you book with Suiteness. An important item to bear in mind if you’re closing in on to a particular level of status with any chain. All told, a small price to pay for the hundreds or potentially thousands in savings to be had.

If you’re looking to splash out and indulge in unparalleled luxury accommodation, in venues you may not even have known existed, Suiteness will not disappoint. From the perfect bachelor party suite to a luxurious, secluded private villa for a romantic getaway, Suiteness opens up a world of possibilities to craft your very own trip of a lifetime.



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