In our quest to bring you the world’s best hangover products, today we look at an Australian owned product – The Hangover SOS.

The Hangover SOS is a convenient shot of vitamins, herbs, electrolytes and antioxidants designed to help you wake up feeling sharp and fresh, no matter how large the night.

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of hangover products at Roll Like Boss, and with a summer holiday booked for Australia and several big nights out planned in Sydney and Melbourne, we got in touch with the team at The Hangover SOS in order to put the product to the test.


The Hangover SOS comes in a shot type canister. While the canisters are slightly too big to take with you on a night out, they are easily transportable in a suitcase or hang luggage if you have a big trip planned.

The ingredients in The Hangover SOS include milk thistle, ginger root, B vitamins ginseng root extract, magnesium and L-gluthathione – a cocktail of ingredients designed to help your body process alcohol and feel better the next day.  

While the drink comes in a concentrated form and is designed to be mixed with water – it’s also drinkable on its own.  

Be warned though – the taste is a pretty intense lemon flavour and if you do drink it as a shot, it certainly has a kick to it. 

Hangover SOS
The Hangover SOS Performance

We trialled The Hangover SOS over several nights out with team members and friends, and wasted no time in giving the product a difficult first challenge.

Our first test was a full throttle bachelor party –  involving way too many beers, a variety of shots and very little sleep – the perfect recipe for a monster hangover.

We took a shot of The Hangover SOS at the start of the night and another one at the end of the night.

While no one from the bachelor party was feeling amazing the next day after such a large night out, those who took the product certainly weren’t as hungover as those who didn’t. The Hangover SOS definitely took the edge off the hangover.

Our second test was a more regular night out for social drinks with friends, with no Hangover SOS shot taken beforehand. At the end of the night, we took a shot with some ice and woke up the next day feeling pretty fresh.

Overall, we were impressed with The Hangover SOS and we believe the product is capable of reducing, if not eliminating your hangover.


At the moment, The Hangover SOS is only available in Australia. Click here for availability.

The product comes in either a six pack or a 12 pack.

At around AUD $27 for a six pack – we believe The Hangover SOS is a great value hangover product and we highly recommend stocking up before your next big night out.


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