When it comes to the capital cities of the world, without doubt London and New York are two of the key cities that come to mind.

Both cities offer an incredible mix of business and pleasure.

It’s a well worn route across the Atlantic between these two global hotspots and readers who travel frequently will probably find themselves flying between London and New York on a regular basis – we certainly do at Roll Like Boss.

While the flight from London to NYC is not the longest flight in the world, it’s certainly long enough to warrant upgrading from economy class to business class to make the trip in comfort.

This is especially true if you are flying in for meetings and you want to arrive fresh and rejuvenated. After seven hours in a cramped economy cabin sometimes you need a day off just to recover.

Business class flights between London and NYC don’t come cheap in general – especially if you’re looking to fly in the near future.

However that has changed recently with the launch of La Compagnie – a boutique airline that has revolutionised business class travel between London and New York.

La Compagnie  

La Compagnie is a small independent boutique airline that offers a business class flight service from London (Luton) and Paris (Charles DeGaulle) to New York (Newark).

When we say ‘small’ – we mean it – the airline literally has a fleet of two aircraft.

Their Boeing 757-200 aircraft have been converted into 19 rows / 74 seats of business class seats, with each seat offering 62 inches of legroom and the ability to lie almost flat.

The seat configuration has been designed as a personal work environment. Seats are equipped with a reading lamp, an electrical outlet, a headphone plug and plenty of room for storage.

Each seat also has its own Samsung Galaxy Pro Tablet – allowing for connectivity on demand.

Flights come with complimentary lounge access at Luton and Newark, as well as priority security at Luton.

The airline puts a strong emphasis on customer service and there are added perks such as being able to pack any sporting goods free of charge – handy if you’re planning to pack a set of golf clubs or ski equipment for your trip.

For travellers looking to fly across the Atlantic in style, La Compagnie is definitely worth looking into.

La Compagnie


Pricing is where La Compagnie comes into its own.

As mentioned earlier, business class flights from London to New York with the big carriers can be expensive, especially if you’re looking to fly in the near future.

For example, a search of the British Airways website reveals that while business class flights are available for around £1500 during the year, the price is closer to £3000-£4000 if looking to fly in the next month.

However, a quick look on the La Compagnie website reveals plenty of return flights for under £1000, and promotions such as two return flights for £1849 available, including dates in the near future.

At this price point – you absolutely can’t go wrong.

There’s no doubt La Compagnie offers a great value deal for this route.

Note that La Compagnie flights will not show up on regular flight search engine systems – you’ll need to book exclusively through their website.

For those looking to fuse comfort and style with price, we’d certainly recommend looking at La Compagnie before you book your next transatlantic flight. With return business class flights from London to New York for under £1000, you’ll enjoy the perks of a business class flight at a fraction of the usual cost.


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