One of the biggest challenges faced by avid travel and fitness enthusiasts is maintaining a healthy diet on the road.

Travelers can do their best with healthy take outs and smoothies, but as we’ve covered in prior articles, finding access to fresh, nutritional food sources away from home can be incredibly difficult. As a result, many people have to bring a good amount of supplements wherever they go.

Thankfully, your carry on bag just got lighter. Today we’re proud to bring you a game-changing supplement for the travel community: Athletic Greens.


What is it?

Athletic Greens is a powdered greens supplement containing over a hundred vegetable and fruit extracts designed to give your body 100 percent of daily nutritional needs in a single serving.

The full spectrum of ingredients is one of the most impressive on the market – nothing less than a comprehensive “nutritional insurance” plan formulated to cover the daily requirements of active people.

The product bills itself as a “premium superfood cocktail”, and it certainly lives up to the label. But unlike most supplements, Athletic Greens doesn’t just give you a daily serving of greens in powdered form.

It uses spirulina [algae], wheatgrass, and alfalfa leaf as its principal base for greens, all in organic form, and goes well beyond that for digestion – containing active cultures and probiotic compounds, digestive enzymes, and an array of fruits, plants, and herbal extracts. All of this combines into a patented formula to help detoxify your body – crucial when fighting jetlag and fatigue and helping you stick to your workout schedule.

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We recently put Athletic Greens to a two week field test and our experience was impressive.

The mixture is VERY finely ground, similar to matcha green tea and almost mist-like when poured, making it perfect for rapid digestion when mixed with liquids.

For optimal absorption, Athletic Greens is best taken on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning mixed with cold water.

The key is regularity. Take it once and you simply get a healthy serving of greens. Making it part of your daily morning routine, at home or while traveling, is critical.

Four to five days into our trial, we noticed a significant boost in our morning energy levels and a healthier, consistent level of alertness throughout the day.

The product does not contain caffeine, but our energy boost was nonetheless similar to a morning coffee – a sharp increase upon absorption, without the typical jolt/crash pattern of coffee. Instead, you’ll get a more even flow.


With most greens supplements, taste is an understandable consumer concern. You’ll often get something that taste like a mouthful of grass or powdered broccoli. It might get the job done, but it’s not the most pleasant morning drink.

How about Athletic Greens? Surprisingly good. They’ve done a great job utilizing all-natural ingredients as sweeteners such as stevia, pineapple, papaya, and apple powder to add just the right touch of sweetness, and improve the taste considerably in comparison to other greens products.


Travel Convenience

With Athletic Greens, you can leave most other supplements at home, and think of this as your all-in-one travel nutritional insurance plan.

The supplement comes in standard, 12 gram packets in boxes of 30 servings – lightweight and perfect for throwing in any carry-on bag. Simply pack one for each day of your trip and you’re set.

All of this can lighten your luggage. The typical Vitamin C and Zinc-based powdered supplements you’ll often see travelers taking to boost immunity are all covered within this one simple serving of Athletic Greens, as are all the other essential vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements which people often pack in separate containers.

Athletes and anyone involved in weightlifting and/or training will of course still need to travel with protein and essential oils (fish oil, flax oil, etc). Although Athletic Greens does contain a small amount of pea protein (4g per serving), unless you’re on a specifically designed weight loss plan it should not be construed as a meal replacement. For healthy protein intake, you’ll still need to plan ahead.

Athletic Greens is one of the more innovative supplements to hit the fitness market in recent years and is growing in popularity. We’re excited about its availability in packet form, and strongly encourage readers with any health and fitness regimen to try out the product. If you’re serious about getting proper, necessary nutrition while traveling, this truly is a superfood and most definitely for you.


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