Today we take a look at one of the best offers on the credit card market and the greatest shortcut to airline lounge access we’ve seen in quite some time – The Chase United Club Visa.

Typically, airline lounge access is acquired by achieving a certain level of elite status with a particular carrier or one of its alliance partners.

However in recent years, the industry hasua air witnessed the arrival of numerous high-end credit cards which grant members year-round unlimited lounge access as long as they remain cardholders, regardless of how many miles they fly.

And while this isn’t a direct shortcut to elite status, it is an excellent shortcut to lounge access – one of the most important perks of all.

Not surprisingly, these cards usually come with extremely high annual fees ($450 USD or higher). However, there is now an opportunity to enjoy one of these cards at ZERO annual fee for the first year – The Chase United Club Visa.

That’s right – you can get United lounge access for FREE, simply by enrolling for a credit card.

This card normally carries a hefty $495 annual fee. Yet in an ultra-rare, amazing offer, it is currently available on the United.com website at no annual fee for the first year. Seeing a major credit card issuer waive a fee of this magnitude is practically unprecedented.


So what makes this card so special?

As noted, cardholders receive unlimited United Club access worldwide for as long as they remain a member. That alone is worth enrolling.

But what really makes this card unique is it grants you access regardless of the airline you fly.

In other words, you get United Club access even when you don’t fly United or one of its partner airlines. If you’re in an airport with a United Club, you can walk in, plain and simple.

Cardholders also receive worldwide access to Star Alliance partner lounges on same-day travel with United or any Star Alliance carrier, putting an entire global network of lounges right in your pocket.

Also impressive is the card carries no spending requirement whatsoever upon enrollment. You need only apply for the card, get approved, and activate your card to officially receive United Club membership.

Other added benefits worth noting include:

Priority Booking/Avoid Award Booking Fees

Not all flights with miles are always “free” in the true sense of the word. Most US carriers – with the exception of Delta – charge an annoying “award processing fee” of $75 when booking a reservation within 21 days of departure. The only way to get around this is to achieve a level of elite status with a particular airline.

The United Club Visa Card instantly gets you around that problem with another unique benefit of no fees on award bookings regardless of when you book, whether it’s three weeks prior or the very same day. You receive the same award booking privileges as passengers holding United Gold status (and higher).

Cardholders also get their own special award inventory. Although United Mileage Plus is one of the more passenger-friendly award programs in the entire industry, award space on flights can still be difficult to find. But for cardholders, an entire extra level of award vacancy is reserved.

This doesn’t mean you’ll be able to grab any single United flight you want of course, but in our booking experience we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the relative ease of finding space on busy routes on very short notice (New York [Newark] – LAX, New York – London Heathrow), compared to the space available for general members.

The entire booking process couldn’t be easier or more friendly for spontaneous travel. Fancy a last minute trip to Europe? Simply redeem your miles and away you go. No fees, no hassle.

united 11

Amazing Bar at United’s New Club in London Heathrow


Free Checked Baggage

Most airline-branded credit cards allow passengers one free checked bag on domestic travel in the US. The United Club Visa gives you two.

This is especially handy for travelers involved in more active, equipment-heavy sports like skiing or golf. In the US, these are both seasonal-dependent, destination-based sports which often involve a fair amount of checked baggage.

Active participants in either sport can spend hundreds in checked baggage fees throughout the year, especially on odd-sized baggage. With the United Club Visa, your savings could potentially reach $1k over the course of a year.

Guest Access

Once enrolled, you and your guests can kickstart your vacation in style and start the party right off in the lounge every time.

Most airline credit cards with lounge access allow members to bring one guest, if that. The United Club Visa offers you two guests (traveling on the same itinerary) on every visit, free of charge.

This is also a rarity in the industry, one we recommend taking full advantage of if you take regular trips with groups.

united 8

United’s New Club in San Diego Brings an Outdoors, Open-Air Vibe



How exactly do you get the card free of charge? It’s surprisingly simple.

First – go to United.com and log into your Mileage Plus account. Take note – you do not need to be an elite member with United to see this offer. All you need is to be enrolled in United’s Mileage Plus program.

Once you have logged into your Mileage Plus account, click on the Mileage Plus tab in the upper left of the screen. Underneath the tab, click on “Credit Cardmembers”. Once you land on this page, you’ll see offers for all of Chase’s various United Visa cards. From here, you simply select the United Club Visa and await your offer.

We should stress this offer does not pop up every single time. Like similar web ads, it rotates with each page visit.

It may require refreshing your browser, deleting your history and cookies, and perhaps even switching browsers between Chrome and Firefox until you get the offer to appear.

We had no difficulty seeing the offer ourselves, and have received successful feedback among readers as well.

Be persistent – if you don’t see the offer straight way, keep logging in and reloading. For the savings of a $495 annual fee, the effort is well worth it.

As always, nothing is permanent in the world of airline and hotel rewards. When you see an unprecedented offer bordering on too good to be true, it’s vital to act fast.

Most shortcuts to lounge access come at a cost, so it’s a rare moment when you can get it without literally spending a penny. For that reason, we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see Chase and United pull the offer, or at least amend it with less favorable terms in the near future.

This is one of the finest offers for a high-end card you’re likely to see on the market for some time, and obviously the most affordable offer for lounge access we’ve ever seen.

Act now for instant United Club and Star Alliance lounge access anywhere in the world. Your next adventure awaits.


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