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We recently took a few days summer vacation in Barcelona and had the chance to use the Sala VIP Miro Lounge at El Prat airport after being informed of a long flight delay on our return flight back to London.

Flight delays can be frustrating, but having lounge access definitely eases the pain. We accessed the Miro lounge through our Priority Pass membership – a lounge membership that with access to over 600 lounges worldwide, comes into its own when faced with these kinds of situations.

Sala operates three lounges in Terminal 1 at El Prat: Miro, Colomer, and Pau Casals, and with Pau Casals winning Priority Pass’ ‘Lounge of the year’ award a few years ago, we were keen to check out the Miro lounge to see if it was up to the same standards.

Laid Back Atmosphere

The first thing we observed about the Miro lounge, was that in terms of space and comfort, it was excellent. The lounge is spacious, and the majority of the seating consists of slick black leather armchair seats. These seats are extremely comfortable and exactly what you want from a lounge. Around half the seats have access to power points, so you can charge up your phone or laptop.

There’s also a sleeping area for those who require a deeper rest, with six day beds in semi darkness. And for those looking for a little more activity, there’s an area with two pool tables and a mini golf driving range.  Something for everyone, no matter how high or low your energy levels are.


Food & Drink

If this lounge has a weakness, it’s the food options. The food certainly wasn’t the worst we’ve experienced at a lounge, but it wasn’t fantastic and we were expecting better given that the neighbouring Pau Casals lounge won lounge of the year. There was enough food to get by – crisps, olives, nuts, small sandwiches, fresh gazpacho, etc, but we were hoping for something more substantial given that it was dinner time. We were a little disappointed in this regard, particularly from a European-based lounge.

However, every cloud has a silver lining, and the lack of food in the lounge was offset by the alcohol selection, which was formidable. Miro lounge operates a self serve bar, and there were plenty of options, from beers in the fridge to a whole array of mid class liquor options such as Jack Daniels and Bacardi 8 year old rum.

Overall, we were impressed with the VIP Miro lounge. The comfortable seats and free flowing alcohol ensured our flight delay was painless and we’d certainly recommend the lounge to travellers flying out of Barcelona looking for the boss experience.

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