About Us

Based in NYC and London, Roll Like Boss is a site dedicated to elevating your travel experience from ordinary to extraordinary.Created by two guys with a passion for travel and a reluctance to settle for average, our mission is to upgrade your world.

We don’t view travel as simply getting from A to B. We see it as an experience, and more often than not this experience can be improved. Why settle for an economy class flight when you can fly by private jet for the same price?

Examine the world around you and you’ll quickly arrive at one conclusion: It’s easy to get complacent. Most people seek out a route to their comfort zone and then hit cruise control without ever truly pushing their limits. We’re here to prevent that.

Whether you’re in London, Vegas, Sydney or any other city in the world, we’ll have ideas that will turbo charge your travel experience. Free flights, hotel upgrades, luxury taxis, the latest technology, nightlife, fitness and style – we’ve got it covered.

So don’t just settle for average when it comes to travel. Follow our tips and roll like boss.